Fear Not, God Hears Your Cry

Gen 21:17 NKJV  And God heard the voice of the lad. Then the angel of God
called to Hagar out of heaven, and said to her, “What ails you, Hagar?
Fear not, for God has heard the voice of the lad where he is.

 A rivalry of sorts rose between Sarah, Abraham’s wife and now the mother of the promised seed Isaac, and Hagar, her maidservant whom she had given to Abraham to conceive a child with (Ishmael) in an attempt to fulfill the promise of God on their own.  The contention grew when Sarah caught Ishmael, who was probably about 15 years old, making fun of Isaac and that ultimately led to Abraham giving some food and water to Hagar and Ishmael then sending them away.  The two wandered in the desert until their water ran out and their morale weaned.  Fearing the end was near for her son and herself, Hagar leaves Ishmael lying under a shrub in the desert while she went a short distance away so she would not have to see him perish.  It is not recorded whether the teenager called out to God in prayer or merely groaned with agony as heat exhaustion and dehydration were leading toward his demise.  No matter the case, God heard Ishmael.

Although, Ishmael was not the son of God’s promise to be born to Abraham and Sarah, he was nonetheless a descendant of Abraham and as such had a promise from God.  

Genesis 13:16  And I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth; so that if a man could number the dust of the earth, then your descendants also could be numbered. 

In addition, God had spoken a specific Word concerning Ishmael to Hagar before he was even born

Genesis 16:10-11 NKJV  Then the Angel of the LORD said to her, “I will multiply your descendants exceedingly, so that they shall not be counted for multitude.”  (11)  And the Angel of the LORD said to her: “Behold, you are with child, And you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, Because the LORD has heard your affliction. 

When God heard the voice of Ishmael in need He quickly moved on the basis of His Word and told Hagar to FEAR NOT.  God opened the eyes of Hagar to see a well (either physically or supernaturally revealing the source in a vision) where she could get the water to refresh herself and Ishmael, who did indeed go on to be great.

 You may feel rejected by family or like a social outcast.  You may feel like you are wandering in the desert and nobody can hear or cares about your cries for help.  You may fear like your circumstance is about to overtake you, but FEAR NOT.  One Word, one promise from God is all you need to be refreshed and move forward into all He has for you.  If Jesus is your Lord, He has said many.  If you haven’t made Jesus your Lord the greatest promise of all awaits for you (Romans 10:9-10, 1 Corinthians 15:3-8)

 Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.


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