You Can Help Others, FEAR NOT!

Genesis 35:17 NKJV  Now it came to pass, when she was in hard labor, that the midwife said to her,
Do not fear; you will have this son also.”

Never underestimate the power and influence that your words have on others.  Jacob’s wife Rachel was having an extremely difficult labor.  We don’t know the extent of the complications, which probably would be inconsequential today, but they were extreme enough that they ultimately took her life.  Rachel undoubtedly began to fear for her own life, but even more so for the life of the child within her womb.

This would be her second male child and she had been longing to conceive and give birth for about 17 years.  When Rachel gave birth to Joseph 7 years after she married Jacob, who had already given her sister Leah 6 sons and another 4 sons to their maid servants, she boldly proclaimed the Lord would give her another son (Genesis 30:24).  She longed to give birth to that son ever since.  Seventeen years later she is giving birth to that son and though she probably fears her own death, her greatest fear is addressed by her midwife saying, “Do no fear; you will have this son also.”  Oh how that sweet voice of confidence must have encouraged Rachel in that moment. 

When we speak faith filled words to people in the midst of their terrifying situations, especially to those who know the promises and faithfulness of God, our words of faith act as a stabilizing force.  They arrest their fearful thoughts and redirect them to God’s unchanging Word.  In the fast paced and unsteady world we live in today, we have ample opportunities to encourage one another by speaking faith filled words against fear to one another.  The next time someone is anxious about an upcoming bill or in fear over a bad doctor report, tell them, “Don’t be afraid”, then remind them of their prayer or a promise from God’s Word.  Don’t let fear have its way in the lives of people you know.  Tell them to, “FEAR NOT!”

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