FEAR: Your Freedom is Only One Word From God Away

Genesis 46:3 NKJV  So He said, “I am God, the God of your father; do not fear to go down to Egypt, for I will make of you a great nation there.

 It is not exactly clear what Jacob feared.  He had just discovered that his beloved son Joseph, whom he had thought to be dead, was second in command of Egypt next to Pharaoh himself.  One might think this would eliminate any fear by having such a powerful member of the family so high up in government.  Perhaps he feared the long journey because of his old age.  Perhaps he remembered the Word to His Grandfather Abraham about his descendants becoming servants in a foreign land for 400 years (Genesis 15:13).  Maybe, he remembered the Lord telling his father Isaac not to go to Egypt (Genesis 26:2).  Whatever the reason, Jacob feared the move, but notice that his fears were dispelled after one encounter with God.

 It is amazing what one Word from God will do for you in a situation.  I remember a time back in 2003… my wife was 8 months pregnant with our second child, we had recently left our home church due to a severe shift in doctrine and direction, the ministry I served had considered relocation, I had promised my wife (who had been supporting the family, while I took care of our son, went to Bible School and got my feet wet in ministry) that whatever it took she could stay at home with our children, and I knew I was called to ministry, but our extended family although supportive questioned that direction as they were concerned for our welfare.  Valarie had a good job and the prospects I was receiving were not anywhere in the same league.  I began to feel anxious and fear began to creep in.  I began to fervently seek the Lord as I definitely needed divine direction in what to do.  I literally shut myself in the our bedroom closet one day on my knees away from all distractions determined to read His Word and pray until I knew what to do.

I read a few Scriptures from Ephesians and the book of James and then began to pray.  I prayed first in the natural pouring my heart to God and then began to pray in the spirit.  I’m not sure how long I prayed, but I prayed until I “hit a gusher” as some old time Pentecostals used to say.  I prayed until I got over into a place in the Spirit where I was no longer concerned with the things of this world and my natural mind quite thinking of my situation and shifted over into neutral.  There in His presence, the Lord simply spoke, “Serve this man and this woman and do what is before you to do.”  Although, this probably doesn’t sound like much to anyone else, I had my answer.  I knew exactly what it meant.  I knew that no matter where the ministry I had been serving went, I was to go to.  I knew that God was going to open doors of opportunity for me in ministry and in natural work and would well provide for my family.  Even though our situation had yet to change, it had changed.  It was different because all fear, angst and concern had dissipated.  They were gone because of that one encounter and Word from God.

When you are feeling angst or fearful about a situation in life, remember to take some time to hear from heaven.  Get in His presence.  Read His Word.  Pray.  Then shut up and listen.  Your freedom from fear is only one Word from God away… and we serve a God who speaks (Hebrews 12:25).  So, Fear Not.

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