Your Foot is on Fear’s Neck

Joshua 10:24-25 NKJV  So it was, when they brought out those kings to Joshua, that Joshua called for all the men of Israel, and said to the captains of the men of war who went with him, “Come near, put your feet on the necks of these kings.” And they drew near and put their feet on their necks.  (25)  Then Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed; be strong and of good courage, for thus the LORD will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.”

 What a powerful picture…  There are five kings laying on the ground, being held there by feet to their necks by the leaders of Joshua’s army.  Can you think of a more compromising position?  These five powerful kings, who had joined their vast armies together for an assault on one Israel’s allies, used to sitting on thrones, eating lavish meals, commanding mighty men in battle are now laying helpless on the ground with a foot to each of their necks. Something tells me that at that moment neither Joshua, his leaders, nor any of their men had any fear of those kings.

In the midst of this powerful scene, the Joshua says, “Do not be afraid… for thus the Lord will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.”  In essence, he told them, “Hey, take a good look at these clowns.  These guys once cast fear in the hearts of thousands upon thousands of me, but look at them now.  No one can come against the Lord.  He has given you the victory and all those who try to take it from you will end up like this… humiliated, powerless, and under your feet.”

This is a picture you need to adopt for whatever your situation is.  Whatever circumstance or “king” you fear, King Cancer, King Disease, King Debt, King Opinion of others, King Finances, or King (fill in the blank), that king is laying powerless on the ground and your foot is on their neck.  You are in a position of victory, towering over that “king”.  Ephesians 1:22 says, all things are under His feet, and Ephesians 2:6 says we are seated with Him.  Jesus has defeated every “king” that is causing fear in your life.  They are under His feet and you are seated with Him.  Do not be afraid or discouraged, but be strong and courageous for this is what the Lord has done to your enemies.  Your foot is on the neck of whatever you fear.


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