Praise the Fear Away

Ruth 1:16  But Ruth said: “Entreat me not to leave you, Or to turn back from following after you; For wherever you go, I will go; And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, And your God, my God.

Fear is definitely something that would attack anybody in the situation Naomi and Ruth were in.  Naomi’s in a foreign land her husband dies followed by the death of her two sons survived only by their wives.  She has no land, no income, and no family to take care of her.  All she had were two daughter-in-laws in a similar fix.  One of the women after much debate returns to her family with Naomi’s blessing knowing her family will care for her and in hope that she’ll be able to re-marry.  Ruth, her other daughter-in-law’s love for Naomi impelled her to stay despite the horrible circumstance and they journeyed back to the land of Judah, which means praise in Hebrew.

I love the beauty of this thought.  When her life was at its darkest, most fearful moment, when all outcomes seem bleak at best and it seems as if there is no hope in sight, Naomi went to a land of praise.  She had been living with her family in the land of Moab.  Moab is described as arrogant/prideful place (Isaiah 16:6, Jeremiah 48:29), idolatrous (1 Kings 11:7), and superstitious dabbling in occult (Jeremiah 27:3, 9).  Naomi along with her Moabite daugther-in-law Ruth left Moab and the prideful and idolatrous people of Moab and instead went to a place of praise and surrounded themselves with a people of praise.

Things immediately began to get better for Naomi and Ruth.  They went from having no food, no security, and no hope, to a place of great provision, security, and being part of the lineage of our great hope the Lord Jesus.  Now the change occurred over a process of time as they continued to dwell in praise, but it immediately began to change the moment they got there.

When things happen that steal your joy and cause you to begin to fear what will happen next.  When it seems that circumstances are bleak at best, get back to praise.  Begin to praise God and make sure your life is surrounded by people positive people of praise.  Just like Naomi and Ruth’s physical change in environment began a change in their lives, a change to your spiritual environment will do the same.  When darkness and fear starts moving in, praise the Lord and don’t you quit.  The situation will begin to get better and soon the light will be shining bright and you will FEAR NOT!  Simply praise the fear away!

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