Together We Will Fear Not

1Samuel 22:23 NKJV  Stay with me; do not fear. For he who seeks my life seeks your life, but with me you shall be safe.”

1Samuel 22:23 MSG  Stay here with me. Don’t be afraid. The one out to kill you is out to kill me, too. Stick with me. I’ll protect you.”

 Having someone to turn to in difficult times is a huge comfort.  Having someone who is there for you and will help you abate your fears by standing with you against them is priceless.

Saul, bent on destroying David lashed out against the High Priest Ahimelech and his sons, because Ahimelech had given him some bread and the sword of Goliath that belonged to David, but had been kept by Ahimelech, only Abiathar escaped and fled to David.  David, respecting the priesthood, remembering the kindness of Ahimelech, and identifying with Abiathar’s situation vows to protect and to stand with Abiathar.  Abiathar, the new High Priest, and David became close friends.  David stuck by Abiathar, stood with him and helped him abate his fears.  He remained ever faithful to David through years and even in Absalom’s rebellion, where he was able to help reciprocate and help David abate and stand up against his own fearful situation.

When Abiathar’s life was turned upside down, he was horrified.  He ran for his life in terror, most of us have never experienced the height of this kind of fear.  But note this; He didn’t run off by himself in solitude.  Abiathar ran to someone.

So many people when faced with problems, concerns, and fear inducing situations, withdraw and pull away from friends, family, church, and even the Lord Himself.  They think nobody will understand what I’m going thru and are further scared about how others will react or think of them.  Those are lies from the enemy to keep you isolated.  The truth is you are not unique and many others have had to face the same fears that are confronting you and with their support you can stand together in those situations.  God in His very nature is a relational being (Trinity) and created man to live in relationship with others (Genesis 2:18).  You are not supposed to deal with fear alone.

When fear inducing situations come knocking on your door don’t run off and hide.  Seek the Lord ask Him for help, just as David with Abiathar, the Lord will stand with you and protect you.  Ask Him to lead you to others and go talk to your pastor, your situation is not unique and there are others who will stand with you protect you and face your fear with you and tell you, “Stay here with me. Don’t be afraid. The one out to kill you is out to kill me, too. Stick with me. I’ll protect you.”  Together we will Fear Not!

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