What DOES the King Say?!

1Kings 1:49 NKJV  So all the guests who were with Adonijah were afraid, and arose, and each one went his way.

 King David was looking that great physically.  He was well advanced in age and had a constant chill throughout his body and no amount of clothing or blankets could warm him.  Nobody knew how much longer he had to live, a day, a week, a year…, but it was apparent he was dying.

Adonijah, David’s most handsome son after Absalom, whose rebellion and subsequent death already deeply wounded David’s heart, decided now was the time for him to establish himself as the next king in David’s place.  1 Kings 1:5 says Adonijah exalted himself saying, “I will be king.”  He conferred with a handful of his father’s top advisors and prepared a grand parade to go before him.  Then he made sacrifices and held a great feast inviting many guests making it look like he indeed was to be the next king.  Many people just assumed David had decreed this strong, handsome man to rule is his place.  They were swayed by the pomp and circumstance, the prestige, the performance, the package, the party and never questioned, “What does the King say?

When David found out, he wasted no time to make sure that his wishes were known by all.  He gave Solomon his mule so all would see and proclaimed he would go to the prophet Nathan who would anoint him as king and have the royal trumpets and messengers proclaim Solomon as king.  When the trumpets began to play and word that Solomon had just been proclaimed king by David’s decree, horror grasped the hearts of those who had been celebrating Adonijah’s preemptive coronation party.  They were embarrassed, ashamed, and though moments before they probably clamored to be seen at this event to incur future favor, now were cowering and afraid of whom may have seen them there and if they will be accused of disloyalty, rebellion, and treason.

You see, they listened to the voices and idle talk of men regarding Adonijah; which led them to this fearful circumstance.  It was easily avoidable though.  All they had to do was ask, “What does the King say?”

In life, we hear all kinds of reports that lead us to fearful circumstances.  We have reporters, doctors, friends, and loved ones sharing things with us all the time.  They tell us events occurring, speculate about events, and give us reports of how they see things, all of which may even be factual reporting… BUT, what does THE King say?  The Lord God has given us 66 precious books that contain His thoughts and His will for us.  Our King, the Lord Jesus is alive and still speaks to us today (Eph 1:20-22, Eph 2:6, Heb 12:25, etc…).  He tells us His will in the Word and by His Spirit confirming with His Word so that we won’t fear or allow ourselves to be duped by parades, commercials, fancy clothes, degrees or even money and led to believe things that at His coming and hearing the truth would leave us embarrassed and ashamed.

No matter the circumstance, regardless of the report or how many people are saying it, ask yourself, “What does the King say about (fill in the blank)?”  Then search it out in His Word.  If you do, you will know His thoughts and will in every circumstance and can be filled with faith and hope instead of fear.  Spend some time today seeing what the King says about what’s going on in your life and FEAR NOT!

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