Fear Not: You’re Sharing some GOOD NEWS

2 Kings 1:15 NKJV  And the angel of the LORD said to Elijah, “Go down with him;
do not be afraid of him.” So he arose and went down with him to the king.

There are a lot of situations that can be anxiety inducing and fearful.  One of those is having a face to face conversation with someone about the Word of God.  Here in 2 Kings 1, the prophet Elijah shared a prophetic Word from God about the King of Israel’s fate after he took a terrible fall off a balcony.  Then the king sent troops to go get Elijah and bring him back to him, probably in hopes that a face to face conversation would sway Elijah into prophesying a different outcome.  However the Word was not from Elijah, but was from the Lord and although Elijah could say something different all that would do would put him in disobedience as God has no obligation to do anything that man says, but He always does what He says He will do.  Knowing this, Elijah feared looking King Ahaziah in the eye and telling him he would die, especially since he’s been avoiding him and has already called down fire on 102 of the king’s soldiers.

Thankfully, most of us will never have such a message to deliver.  However, all of us who Believe on Jesus have been given a WORD from God that we are to share.  We have been given the Gospel of Christ, a WORD from God about the redemption that has been provided through the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and the salvation that belongs now to all who would call upon His Name.  It is not a message of doom, but a glorious message of life and hope.  There is a reason they call it the “Good News”, because it is GOOD news.

Yet when it comes to delivering this good WORD from God, fear begins to rise up at the thought of sharing the message.  What if they get mad?  What if they tell me off?  What if they don’t want to be my friend or talk to me anymore?  Besides, I don’t want to bother them…  Bother them!  We are called to “bother” them, by going into all the world and telling them about the Gospel of Christ (Mark 16:15).  If you don’t “bother” them, they may never be “bothered” and go to hell.  Most people are already bothered by life & would love to hear there is relief.

Most people don’t share the GOOD and glorious news of our redemption in Christ, because they say they are afraid, “They will get mad at me. They might tell me off.  They won’t want to be my friend.”  Notice the subject in all of this… ME.  I’ve said it before, but all fear is self-centered.  God desires us to be love centered.  Love is always focused on others.  Each day we are given glorious opportunities to share with others about all the GOOD things God has done and the salvation and redemption He has given us through His Son.  He has written a precious message of His Love on your heart in what He has done for you (2 Corinthians 3:3), and we have the awesome privilege of sharing that personal message from God to the world.  We have not been asked to bring a message of death and doom… the world preaches that message every day.  Death and doom is all around us; in our nations, in our cities, in our schools, in our homes….  No, we have been given a message of HOPE, FORGIVENESS, LIFE, and LIFE ETERNAL.

Elijah was given a message from God for King Ahaziah that he would not recover from his injuries and would die.  Elijah feared the face to face conversation and potential backlash he may face, including his possible death.  Yet the Angel of the Lord told him to FEAR NOT and Elijah went.  We get to bring a message of hope, healing, peace, forgiveness, and life in Christ.  The Lord Himself is working with us when we do (Mark 16:20).  Share with someone the GOOD NEWS of the Love of God today, and FEAR NOT… He is with you.

 Romans 1:16 NKJV  For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes,
for the Jew first and also for the Greek.


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