Don’t Respect the Devil

2 Kings 17:35 NKJV  with whom the LORD had made a covenant and charged them, saying: “You shall not fear other gods, nor bow down to them nor serve them nor sacrifice to them;

 2 Kings 17:37-38 NKJV  And the statutes, the ordinances, the law, and the commandment which He wrote for you, you shall be careful to observe forever; you shall not fear other gods.  (38)  And the covenant that I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods.

 Whoa!  Did you see what God said in these verses?  He said, “Don’t fear any other gods.”  Fear here is referring to reverential fear.  In other words God said, “Do not reverence or respect any other god.”  No, of course not, you probably are saying to yourself. Yet, our culture and our churches are filled with people and Christians that do just that.

We have schools and prisons that make special accommodations for those of Islamic and other faiths in regards to special activities, attire, diet, and prayer while Christians are denied the same accommodations.  Recently, I read a memo by a chaplain of a local prison facility and signed by the deputy warden that prohibited Christian prisoners for reading/studying their bibles, worshiping, praying, and discussing the Bible together unless it was an authorized service time and a chaplain must be present.  The exception was that Islamic prisoners could gather without the presence of a chaplain and participate in regular religious activities.  What is that?  That is giving preference and reverence to other gods and they do it because they are afraid?

Another example happens in churches regularly and I watched it happen a few weeks ago while at one of our Bible Schools ( in Mexico.  Virgil Stokes, founder of Faith Ministry Training Institute and Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson, taught the students regarding the authority that Believer’s have in Christ.  I watched the students as he showed them in the Scripture that the devil is a defeated foe and how in creation man had dominion and authority over the devil.  They could see the truth in the Word, but their faces were anxious and concerned.  They were afraid the devil was gonna hear us and come do something…  Well, I believe by the time we left they were beginning to get over that notion and realizing their position and authority in Christ.  That is a topic that we must keep our minds renewed to though.

They moment we begin to forget who we are in Christ and the authority we have in His name over all the powers of darkness, we will begin to give preference and reverence to the enemy.  Many Christians live in real fear and defer to the devil and other gods in their lives and practices, because they are afraid of what others will do.  If only they would realize and see the reality of who is in them and with them; that they are forever seated IN CHRIST and have no need to fear.  Christians are rapidly losing more rights in this nation as the Gospel of His love is being called “hate” speech.  Yet the reason the Christians can’t get together and pray, while others in the case I mentioned before Muslims in Arizona prisons, is because the prison officials fear the Muslims rioting, while they know the Christians will not.  In no way am I advocating violence, instead I am asking you to examine your thoughts and actions.  Are you making special provisions and giving special treatment to other faiths?  Are you nervous around followers of other faiths?  Does talking about the Christian’s authority over the devil and the kingdom of darkness make you nervous?  If so, you are giving too much respect to the devil.  Learn your position and authority in Christ Jesus and stand firm on His Truth.  Don’t fear the devil.


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