Don’t Fear the Devil

2 Kings 17:35 NKJV  with whom the LORD had made a covenant and charged them, saying: “You shall not fear other gods, nor bow down to them nor serve them nor sacrifice to them;

 2 Kings 17:37-38 NKJV  And the statutes, the ordinances, the law, and the commandment which He wrote for you, you shall be careful to observe forever; you shall not fear other gods.  (38)  And the covenant that I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods.

 A few weeks ago I was conducting a service at a local Christian men’s drug abuse treatment center.  During the service, I recounted a couple of encounters I have had with demonized people.  One of the encounters happened in a private setting while witnessing to a guy in an apartment complex and the other was public while conducting a service for another ministry.  In both situations, I had to take charge and tell the devil to shut-up.  The men in the center were awed by the boldness of the actions I had taken.  Their eyes got big and mouths hung open.  So I asked them, “Why do you guys looked so shocked?”  They replied with questions of their own, “Weren’t you scared?”  “Ya, what happened then?”  “Were you afraid of what they would do next?”  Immediately I knew what I was going to teach on in my upcoming visits.  The Authority of the Believer and our Position In Christ.

 You see, I wasn’t scared nor intimidated in either case.  Unlike the guys I was ministering to at that moment, I had been taught about just how Awesome our God is.  I know He is greater than any circumstance and any enemy.  I know that this Greater One who created all things and who has already defeated the kingdom of darkness lives inside of me.  Furthermore, He has given me authority over the devil and his kingdom by seating me in heavenly places with Him.  When I tell the devil to shut up, he shuts up.  Not because he is afraid of me… but because he recognizes the Name and Authority in which I come.  If you’re a child of God, if you’ve made Jesus your Lord, then you walk in that same Name and Authority.

In the minds of the fellas I was ministering to the devil was a big and mighty foe, but that just isn’t true.  They had greater respect for the devil’s power than for God’s.  You they had been a part of it and knew what evil could do.  Yet, as they grew in the knowledge of God’s redemptive plan, His victory, and who they were In Christ their confidence in His unfailing faithfulness grew.  With it their confidence that He was with them and that they were commissioned and empowered to represent Him in the earth.  I’ve heard it said, “Faith will make you want to swing out over hell on a cornstalk and spit in the devils eye.”  Well, as you grow in your understanding of who you are In Christ and the Authority you have as a Believer, your concern/respect over what the devil might do diminishes and a new boldness takes hold on the inside of you.  Remember who you are today and whose victory you walk in, Fear Not, and swing out over hell and spit in the devil’s eye.


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