God’s Word IS His Guarantee

2 Kings 25:24 GNB  Gedaliah said to them, “I give you my word that there is no need for you to be afraid of the Babylonian officials. Settle in this land, serve the king of Babylonia, and all will go well with you.” 

After a great Babylonian siege on Jerusalem, Gedaliah of the Tribe of Judah was made to be governor of the city.  Gedaliah gave a solemn oath, pledging himself, that the Israelites there could live in peace and would not have to fear the Babylonians as long as they didn’t plot against them.  After Gedaliah proclaimed this promise, Jewish people who had previously fled and were living among the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, etc… began to flood back to the land of Judah (Jeremiah 40:10-12).  They returned because they believed the oath, the solemn promise of Gedaliah that they had nothing to fear.

It’s amazing to me how easily people will accept the promises of people in many cases people who don’t even have final say in the situation, but can’t or won’t trust the Father God and His Word.  We watch infomercials about this wonder, life changing, weight altering, never sticking appliance/utensil/system, and spend hundreds of dollars on things time and time again just to discover they are not as AMAZING as was promised; As seen on TV is not all it claims to be.  You’ll strike a deal on a price to purchase a car believing that was everything, only to talk to the finance officer and be told about any number of additional options for accessories, treatments, and warranties you didn’t know about when you negotiated with the first guy.  You listen to the speeches and commercials of politicians vote them in only to discover they lied and have a long track record of voting practices you completely disagree with…  We could go on and on, but the point is we often take the promise of people who, intentionally or not don’t or can’t keep their word; yet we ignore and doubt our Father God who is eternally faithful (Deut 7:9, 1 Cor 1:9, 1 Cor 10:13, 2 Cor 1:18) and CAN NOT lie (Num 23:19, Titus 1:2, Heb 6:8).

The Father God, who is THE FINAL AUTHORITY, has told us that we do not have to fear time and time again in His Word.  He has fulfilled every promise He’s ever made and is fulfilling many more of them today.  Gedaliah was a good man and it turns out his word was true and was confirmed after his death by the prophet Jeremiah, but he had no power to back up his promise, yet the fears of the people dissipated at his word.  God is faithful and has the power to back up His promises.  He has said, “Do not fear, for I am with you (Gen 26:24, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 43:5, Jeremiah 1:8, Jeremiah 42:11, etc…).”  Our Father God, who when He made His covenant with Abraham swore by Himself because He could swear by NONE greater (Hebrews 6:13), has told us we do not have to fear.  As seen on TV is not all it claims to be, but God’s WORD is HIS Guarantee.  Trust Him.  Put your confidence in Him and FEAR NOT!


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