Encounter Him and Fear Not

Job 21:6 NKJV Even when I remember I am terrified, And trembling takes hold of my flesh.

Job was telling his friends that every time he thought back to the traumatic events that had happened in his life the same symptoms of fear would come back on him. Just thinking about those events filled him with fear again. Today, Job very well might have been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD is a type of an anxiety disorder symptomized by individuals “reliving” traumatic events, which disturb day to day activity (flashbacks, repeated upsetting memories, nightmares), withdraw and avoidance (lack of interest in normal activities, avoidance of people/places that might remind you of the event, hopelessness, feeling like they have no future), easily startled (often exaggerated responses to being startled, hyper aware, irritable and outburst of anger, difficulty falling or staying asleep). Regardless of Job’s diagnosis, one thing is for certain he was tormented by fear of the events he experienced months and possibly years after they occurred. That was, until he had an encounter with God.

You see Job had heard some things about God and regularly sacrificed and prayed to God, but he had never had an encounter with God. His entire faith was built on things he had heard other people say, remember there were no books of the Bible even written yet. But something happened in the 38th chapter of Job that freed Job from the torment of his fears. He had a personal encounter with the Living God and adjusted his self-righteous attitude that was blaming God for all of his woes. It was this personal encounter with God that opened Job’s eyes to truly KNOW God, His heart, His character and His nature. Job’s encounter with God is amazing to read about (Job 38-42) and it changed Job forever. It freed him from the torment of constantly living in fear and unable to find relief from his terror.

As amazing as Job’s encounter with God must have been, it pales in comparison to the encounter with God Christians have by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and receiving His forgiveness for our sins. At that moment although we look and may feel the same something amazing has taken place; The Spirit of God has taken up residence with our spirit and we have become a child of God. Then we have intimate access to the Father God and to learn about His glorious nature. We are freed from sin, which all fear originated from (Genesis 3:7-10) and vicariously freed from fear. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel fear or be afraid, but it does mean we do not have to fear and we can live FEARLESSLY. As we get to know our Father better and the Truth of who He is and His nature and apply it in our lives we will walk in more and more of the freedom that Jesus provided for us. Knowing about the truth doesn’t set us free… It is KNOWING and APPLYING the TRUTH where freedom comes from (John 8:32).

How can I know Him more? One way is spending more time with Him in prayer and praising Him in worship. You can read more about Him in the Word and have the Living God by the Holy Spirit at one with you reveal Himself more and more to you. I love to pray the prayer in Ephesians 1:17-2:3 before I read His Word and ask God to teach me and show me more about who He is. The more we get to know Him and see Him as He is, the more we can see there really is nothing to fear. Job had an encounter with God, which changed his perspective on God, himself, and life in general and was set free from his fears. We have an ongoing encounter with the same God in a way Job could have never even fathomed and can have an encounter with Him any time we desire. Spend some time with Jesus today, worship the Lord, and ask Him to show you more of who He is and FEAR NOT.


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