143. Why SHOULD I Fear?

Psalms 49:5 NKJV  Why should I fear in the days of evil, When the iniquity at my heels surrounds me?

 MSG So why should I fear in bad times, hemmed in by enemy malice,

Turn on the television or look at the newsfeeds online and you will be bombarded with stories of disaster, abuse, assault, stabbing, kid-napping, sex trafficking, looting, shooting, home invasion, you name the terror and it seems to be happening everywhere.  There certainly is no lack of evil in the world and plenty of scary things occurring all the time.  Beyond physical threats the roller coaster reports regarding the job market and the economy certainly forecast uncertain times to say the least.  Yet in the midst of all these fearful circumstances and times certainly filled with evil, “Why should we fear…?”

 That’s the question the authors asks themselves.  The Sons of Korah are teaching a lesson by asking, “Why should I fear?”  There is much that can be learned by asking ourselves that question when we begin to recognize fear and/or anxiety beginning to creep in.  Sometimes simply recognizing the fear and taking a few moments to examine oneself by asking yourself, “Why am I afraid?  Why am I so anxious?  Why should I fear?” and making yourself answer is enough to bring the fear out of the shadows and expose it to the reality of Word and the fears position in relation to you and your promises and position in Christ.

 Sometimes I can do this in my head by asking these questions and prayerfully looking at what and why I am experiencing fear.  Usually this takes more time than it should because it is easy to get caught in a circular though process which only leads to wasting time and spending more time dwelling on the fearful circumstance than getting to the root of the fear. 

 My wife, who is really good at identifying issues of her heart and mind, takes to a pad of paper and pen.  She writes about her fear the emotions she’s experiencing and asks herself those same questions.  The questions and answers are now all on paper.  Journaling is a great way to stop that cycle by writing out the emotions and the fears so you won’t go back to thinking of them and can progress to examining why they are there.  Writing also forces you to carry the circling thoughts through.  The change from fragmented thoughts into detailed ones.  This is the key in journaling, carry the though through to the end, so you can them prayerfully address the fear with Him.

 Journaling can be a powerful and effective tool to help the writer release their emotions and fear.   Many times just asking the questions and writing them down is all that is really needed.  Simply writing the fears relieves you of feeling like you need to think about it.  The terror that is often built up and hyper inflated by the constant dwelling of the fearful circumstance is abated.  The now written fear may not even be that frightening at all once the emotions of the situation are released.  Then clarity comes and the once horrible fear is seen as something of little concern.  There are many articles available regarding journaling and reducing stress, reliving anxiety, helping some mental illnesses and yes, overcoming fear.

 When I read the 49th Psalm particularly verse 5 on.  It looks like someone journaling about their fears of being oppressed by the rich.  It also reads like a victorious entry where peace is found.  Give it a try… The next time you begin to experience fear, take some time to write about the fear and why you are afraid and be sure to ask yourself, “Why SHOULD I Fear?”  Fear Not!


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