153. Run For Dear Life to God

Psalms 71:1 MSG  I run for dear life to GOD, I’ll never live to regret it.

 What I’m about to say is powerful advice and you will want to write it down.  If you ever find yourself running for dear life; run to God.  I promise that if you do that you’ll never live to regret it.

Unfortunately, that’s not the first thing many of us do.  In the last post, I shared about the countless calls for help and assistance I’ve received over the years where crying out to God wasn’t the first thing in people’s minds.  I’m glad I’ve been able to point some people back in His direction and then come alongside and walk them through the circumstance with His help.  But the truth is… no matter what your running from without God’s help, whatever you are running from will eventually catch up to you.

I’ve especially noticed this in the area of finances and I’ve been there.  Things sometimes get tight now, usually because my wife and I give it all away, but I remember not buying food for 2-3 weeks except for what we could get with our W.I.C. coupons.  I remember getting the pay stub on Friday then writing our Tithe check followed by any bills we had due or coming up to find out there was just enough left to put some gas in the car to make sure we could get to work and church.  Still, we kept running toward God.  Each week we ran toward Him and kept believing Him for our cupboards to be blessed and filled.  We rejoiced and thanked Him that our bills were paid.  We learned from His Word and from teachers of His Word about His promises, Faith, and Stewardship.  Then we applied what we learned.

You know what?  The Word works.  You don’t have to stay in that place of just trying to barely stay ahead, living in fear that you won’t make it or you’re going to go under.  No!  Run to Him and get with His plan.

Psychologists have written a lot about the ‘Fight or Flight’ response to stressful and fearful circumstances.  Here is what I say.  If you’re gonna fight make sure He’s in your corner and holding the belt then you can fight from a position of faith and know the battle is already won.  On the other hand.  If you are going to take flight and run for dear life make sure you are running toward your loving Heavenly Father.

He will protect you.  He will guide you to people who can come alongside and help.  He will teach you.  He will help you get built up in faith so you can stand on your feet again.  And He will cheer you on as you go from Faith to Faith and walk out of FEAR and into the reality of His amazing Love.  I promise you’ll never regret it.  Fear Not!

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