159. Don’t Fear the Suddenly(s)

Psalm 91:5  You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day,

I don’t watch “scary” movies.  When I was a kid and even through my teens after I was saved I used to love to watch these movies with terror just waiting around the corner the characters would slowly make their way through the woods or down the hall and then just when they think they are going to make it… SUDDENLY the terror strikes.  I’d watch knowing that something or someone horrible would reach out and grab them and of course ultimately it would and I’d be startled.

Here in Psalm 91:5 we see a promise that we don’t have to fear the terror by night.  This extends beyond just things that might cause alarm at night and according to Barnes includes any kind of unexpected incursion of enemies.  Things that come upon you suddenly.  These things are amplified by night, darkness and when we least expect them.  These are the things we often dread the most because we cannot see them coming.  In the dark of night or in the vagueness of the call from the Doctor or sometimes even worse the Insurance Companies we recognize there may be a danger there but we aren’t always able to make out the extent of the danger or what may the potential calamity may even be which aggravates and heightens the concern.  It is the unknown factor that makes it worse.

That is one reason why I quit watching “scary” or “horror” movies.  They actually trained me to begin to expect danger and negative outcomes behind every tree and in every dark corner.  They filled my heart with expectation of bad outcomes from the doctor and that there was bad news coming every time the phone rang.  Unfortunately too many people live their lives in a constant place of low grade fear looking for and expecting fearful circumstances to be lurking around every corner and it robs them of the Fearless nature of the Faith they have in Christ.

Instead of looking for all the things that could go “suddenly” wrong and “get us”, we should be looking at all the good things He wants to suddenly do for you and in your life.  Those suddenly(s) are not scary.

In Numbers 16:42, He showed up suddenly to defend Moses and Aaron.  In 1 Kings 19:5 suddenly an angel appeared with provision for Elijah and in 1 King 19:13 suddenly Elijah heard a still small voice with instructions and directions for him.  Over and over again the Lord suddenly showed up with help, provision, deliverance, healing, guidance, and all kinds of good things.  Here is a list of additional suddenly(s) you can look at: 2 Kings 2:11, 2 Kings 3:20, Psalm 6:10, Psalm 64:1-7, Isaiah 48:3, Daniel 8:15, 10:10, 10:16, Matthew 3:17, 8:32, 9:8, Luke 2:13, 9:39, Acts 2:2, 9:3, 16:26, 22:6.  There are even more places than this that talk about how in a moment (suddenly) the Lord can show up and do something wonderful on our behalf.

Don’t go around fearing what might be lurking around every corner and suddenly happen.  You don’t have to fear what might be in your mailbox, in an email, or on the other end of the phone.  You don’t have to fear unknown terrors in the night or hiding around the corners of life.  Instead of fearing (negatively expecting) suddenly(s) to occur, you can have faith and confidence in the Lord that He is working to bring DIVINE help, favor, deliverance, protection, provision, healing, etc… to you suddenly.  He is our very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).  Don’t fear the suddenly(s) of life.  Look for and expect the Lord to continually and suddenly bless you all the time even when you least expect it.  Expect His Suddenly(s) and fear not.


2 thoughts on “159. Don’t Fear the Suddenly(s)

  1. Awesome! I never thought about the “suddenly-s” of God. I have to keep that in mind as I live life filled with “suddenly-terrorized.”


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