178. People of Integrity Have Nothing to Fear

Proverbs 3:25-26 NKJV  Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;  (26)  For the LORD will be your confidence, And will keep your foot from being caught.

Confidence in the Lord and His faithfulness is what this Scripture tells us empowers us to stand fearless no matter what kind of trouble comes our way.  Literally the Hebrew word translated confidence here could be translated ‘fatness’.  I kind of like that.  Fatness often referred to prosperity in the Old Testament.  The Lord will be your provision we could say.  Or maybe let Him be your BULK and you won’t have to fear your foot slipping.

Figuratively the word confidence here (Kesel H3689) could be translated silliness or stupidity, which is exactly what some think about our trust in God.  The world thinks it is crazy or silly to trust in Him and His Word and many in the church aren’t too far off.  I recently talked to a minister who told me he was believing God for some big things, then turned around told me how difficult it would be to raise an extra $250 in 10 months-time.  He thought I was silly for even suggesting he believe God for it.  I can only imagine what he would of thought if I told him what I was believing for in the next 10 months.  Trusting God may seem silly to some, but God loves to perform His Word.  If He’s put a dream or a project in your heart or asked you to complete something, He will provide.  You can trust in Him.  He will see you through.  The world may say you have silliness or stupidity, but you can have absolute confidence that God will perform and complete His word.

One reason many have difficulty with having confidence in God and His trustworthy nature, is that many people today simply aren’t trustworthy.  It is hard for them to have “silly” confidence in the faithful, trustworthy nature of God, because they lack personal integrity.  They don’t know what integrity and dependability look like so they can’t ascribe those attributes to God.

We live in a world of looking for contractual loopholes, technicalities, and people just deciding not to keep their contracts.  That’s called lying!  Without personal integrity it is very difficult to trust others and that includes our Heavenly Father.

If you need some help having confidence in Him, try examining how you keep your Word.  Think for a moment.  Are you dependable?  When was the last time you said you’d do something and didn’t?  How is your credit?  If there are some people you’ve let down, repent.  Take ownership.  Begin to be a person of integrity.  Don’t make promises or contracts you aren’t going to keep.  Let your yes’ be yes and your no’s be no (Matthew 5:37).  Swear to your own hurt and change not (Psalm 15:4).

Being a person of integrity will help you grow in your faith and confidence in the Lord.  Then you can stand fearlessly in any situation confident that He will see you through in victory.  People of integrity can stand stronger against fear.


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