211. Fear Conceals, Faith Reveals

Isaiah 14:3 NKJV It shall come to pass in the day the LORD gives you rest from your sorrow, and from your fear and the hard bondage in which you were made to serve,

I recently spoke with a traveling minister who shared an interesting story with me about a birthday present he received a number of year back. His family had all chipped in to buy him a beautiful bright red Craftsman heavy duty rolling tool tower. When his birthday arrived they wheeled it out and he was extremely thrilled and overjoyed at his beautiful present. That moment of elation was quickly deflated as they in unison immediately began telling him that this was the second one they bought. They explained that they had purchased one and took it to one of his sister’s home to “hide” in her garage until his birthday. But that same day within just a couple hours of buying and bringing it there it was stolen in broad daylight right out of her garage so they had to go out and buy another one.

His excitement over his new gift and its beauty was now overshadowed with a fear that it too would become the target of theft. In an instant he went from joy to concern and fear. His mind that had been filled with an immediate vision of having a bright, shiny, and tough, tool tower as a manly centerpiece in his garage was now racing to figure out how to hide and secure his precious possession. He ended up covering it with an old quilt because of fear and there it stayed for years.

Fear caused him to cover up and hide the precious and beautiful gift he had received. When he needed a tool, he’d uncover his treasure admire it for a few moments and then diligently cover it back up again so nobody would see it or know he had one.

After many years of meditating and preaching on the goodness of God, one day he was in his garage and he saw that old quilt covering his bright red tool tower. Immediately he realized the fear he had been living in bondage to regarding it. That fear had kept him from enjoying it all those years. Knowing God’s promises and incredible goodness he simply stepped over into God’s rest and peace, the fear dissipated and he pulled that quilt off uncovering the gift he’d received years before and he’s never covered it again.

You see fear conceals, faith reveals. What has fear caused you to hide? Possessions, emotions, gifts, talents, abilities… whatever it is the Lord has given you REST from fear. You don’t have to work to hide anything. Pastor Judy Stokes once told me, “To the extent someone is secret they are sick.” Secrets, hiding and concealing are motivated by fear and they are symptoms of bondage. Praise God, there is REST and FREEDOM from fear in Him. It belongs to you. God is so good and He has given us rest from fear. What are you hiding and covering in the garage of your heart? Uncover it in the presence of God and then to your pastor or trusted advisor. Step out in faith. In uncovering and revealing your fear you can reside in His rest.

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