216. The Lord Is My Banner

Isaiah 31:9 NLT Even the strongest will quake with terror, and princes will flee when they see your battle flags,” says the LORD, whose fire burns in Zion, whose flame blazes from Jerusalem.

God’s people are to be FEARLESS! There is a lyric in a song written by my pastor Virgil Stokes that goes, “When fear and doubt assail you there’s no need to fear. The secret that makes the difference ain’t no secret at all. It’s hearing and obeying God, with Him you’ll never fall.” Hearing His voice, being willing to obey His Word, and knowing He is with you will help you rise up in the midst of any situation.

It is the enemy and the circumstance that causes that will run in terror when they see you running at them with your battle flag flying, because our battle flag is JESUS! In Exodus 17:15, Moses refers to the Lord as Jehovah-Nissi or The Lord Is My Banner. With that statement he said the Lord would be his battle flag, because he knew the Lord was his victory.

We fly our flags to show when we are under attack to say, “I’m still in the fight and I’ll never quit.” We fly our flags after the battle to say we won and have the victory. Praise God, our banner is more than just fabric and colors. Our banner is THE VICTORIOUS ONE! You have nothing to fear.

No matter how intimidating or scary your situation may be. Sickness? Debt? Depression? Jobs? Tests at school? The Victorious one, Jesus is with you and there is no need for you to fear. Simply keep His banner of victory up, listen to Him and follow His commands. Even the strongest of foes will fall and shake with fear when a FEARLESS Believer raises the Victory Banner of Christ. If the Lord is your banner, fear not, you already have the victory.


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