236. God is Your Teacher

Isaiah 54:13-14 MSG All your children will have GOD for their teacher– what a mentor for your children! (14) You’ll be built solid, grounded in righteousness, far from any trouble–nothing to fear! Far from terror–it won’t even come close!

The prophet Isaiah prophesied that God was going to be a teacher and a mentor directly to His people instead of using the law and the prophets. He tells them that if they allow God to instruct them the result will be that they are solid, grounded in righteousness and FAR from any trouble with NOTHING TO FEAR. Back in verse 10 it tells us that God would be instructing them in His Covenant of Peace.

Praise God that day came some 800+ years later. In John 14 Jesus promised that after He completed His earthly mission and redeemed mankind that He would send the Holy Spirit to us as God the teacher. At the new birth, God the Spirit comes and takes up residence in every Believer. He immediately begins teaching and revealing His everlasting Covenant of Peace with His Children (John 14:27) and the Truths of their identity in Him, establishing them in Truth, grounding them in their righteous nature. Through Christ by the Spirit of God, you have been removed from all trouble and there is nothing to fear.

He is our teacher. Listen to His instruction and follow His Word. The Spirit of God longs to establish you in the Truth of His Covenant, ground you in His righteousness, and empower you to walk in His peace. It is God, Himself, the Holy Spirit that teaches us to walk FEARLESS through life because of the realities of the new life we have in Christ.

You are FEARLESS. You might just not realize it yet. God wants to teach you and reveal to you the truth of your fearless nature in Christ. Spend time daily with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to continually teach you the fullness of the extent of His Covenant of Peace with you. With the Spirit of God as your mentor, terror won’t even come close! FEAR NOT.


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