245. Good Leaders Inspire Fearlessness


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Jeremiah 23:4 NLT Then I will appoint responsible shepherds who will care for them, and they will never be afraid again….

NKJV I will set up shepherds over them who will feed them; and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, nor shall they be lacking,” says the LORD.

MSG I’ll set shepherd-leaders over them who will take good care of them. They won’t live in fear or panic anymore…

Both the kingdoms of Israel & Judah had certainly had plenty of lousy leaders and in both civil and religious leadership arenas. Praise God this is never His heart for His people. God’s heart is that His people would be well cared for, well fed, and led by responsible leaders of Godly character. Men like Ezra & Nehemiah who the Lord would raise up to lead His people back to their homeland and re-establish proper Old Testament worship. Perhaps this verse also holds a prophetic reference to the New Testament ministry of the pastor that Jesus the Chief Shepherd (1Peter 5:4) gave to the Church (Eph 4:8, 11) to build up, establish and equip us to fulfill our individual and corporate callings within the Body of Christ.

Regardless of how you want to look at this verse we certainly can see God’s heart to provide good and responsible leaders for His people. He is looking for people of character who take both natural (finances, relationships, etc…) and spiritual (prayer, study, etc…) matters seriously and with excellence. Men and women who not only care about others, but care for them too. Diligent to ensure the finest spiritual food as possible. Leaders of this type of quality are God’s desire for His people and they lead His people into a place where they no longer live in fear.

Good leadership is essential to help us walk fearless. A nation with an evil dictator lives in fear for their very lives. A business with a horrible CEO has workers concerned about how long their jobs will last. And Christians without good, responsible leaders, who are not diligent to teach them about God’s unfailing faithfulness, the surety of His Word and their fearless nature IN CHRIST, are prone to live in fear too. This would also mean that God’s people who fail to recognize and receive the good shepherd leaders He raises up to feed and train them are prone to live in fear too. Good leaders inspire fearlessness.

Thankfully, fearless living is God’s will for us. He has and continues to raise up good leaders that help us to walk in our fearless nature. Our job, is to find good leaders that provide both example and instruction in righteousness. NOTE: That doesn’t mean they are perfect, but it does mean they are transparent in their shortcomings and quick to make things right when they fail. These kinds of leaders that walk in integrity towards men and God’s Word, diligent to study, and who are committed to the responsibility and calling as shepherds of God’s flock will help you live and walk in the reality of all your spiritual blessings in Christ, including fearlessness.


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