256. God Will Protect and Preserve His People

Jeremiah 46:27-28 MSG “But you, dear Jacob my servant, you have nothing to fear. Israel, there’s no need to worry. Look up! I’ll save you from that far country, I’ll get your children out of the land of exile. Things are going to be normal again for Jacob, safe and secure, smooth sailing. (28) Yes, dear Jacob my servant, you have nothing to fear. Depend on it, I’m on your side. I’ll finish off all the godless nations among which I’ve scattered you, But I won’t finish you off. I have more work left to do on you. I’ll punish you, but fairly. No, I’m not finished with you yet.”

Most parents do pretty much everything within their power to protect their children. But parents can’t be with their children 24/7 their entire lives and there comes a point that they must provide space for their development, trusting that they’ve equipped them for life the best they could. However, they are still only a phone call away to help out in times of need. In some cases they may be overly available, inserting themselves in situations where their assistance is not needed nor desired creating destructive co-dependent relationships. However, God, a perfect Father is always available and knows exactly how to intervene in every situation to protect and keep His children.

In this situation Israel’s disobedience led them to captivity & put them in harms way, but the Father wanted to make it clear to them that they had nothing to fear and that he would protect and preserve His people. And God’s got a good track record at this. In Exodus 12 as the angel of death made its way through Egypt, God protected His people by teaching them to take refuge under the blood of a sacrificial lamb. In the 91st Psalm, He promised that destruction, plagues, pestilence, enemies, and terror may be all around but that it would not come near His people that make their abode in Him, dwelling in the secret place of the Most High.

God protects and preserves His people. He is a loving Father, it’s His heart. In most cases His protection comes with specific instructions. Note: in both Psalm 91 and in Exodus 12 where the Israelites were made all the difference in their protection. In Exodus 12, they needed to be inside the house with the blood of a spotless lamb over the mantle. In Psalm 91 they needed to be in the secret place or “under His shadow” and taking refuge in Him. Your location matters.

The Father is always available and His proximity to you is not questioned, however, what is your proximity to Him. Have you made the Lord your dwelling place? Have you taken refuge in Him and are committed to stay under the blood? Pull even closer to Him in times of trouble and anytime you begin to fear. Under the shadow of the Almighty, preserving and protecting Father, you’ll have nothing to fear.


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