262. In Your Own Strength You Will Fall

Ezekiel 27:32 NKJV In their wailing for you They will take up a lamentation, And lament for you: ‘What city is like Tyre, Destroyed in the midst of the sea?

Ezekiel 27:35 NKJV All the inhabitants of the isles will be astonished at you; Their kings will be greatly afraid, And their countenance will be troubled.

One of the surest way to fall is to rely on your own strength and ability instead of trusting in the Lords. Tyre was a popular, prosperous, and protected city in its time. First mentioned in Joshua 19:29 for its defensive strength it later began a close alliance with Israel in trade relations during the reign of Solomon, which undoubtedly helped add to their prosperity and notoriety as a trade city. Though they enjoyed the benefits of partnership with Israel, they neither embraced the Lord, nor remained faithful to their lucrative trade partner and ultimately began buying and selling Jewish slaves that had been captured by other neighboring peoples. They became extremely an extremely prosperous and prideful nation and experienced the promise of Proverbs 16:18, which lets us know that pride comes before a fall.

Though Tyre was defeated by Chaldeans it was ultimately destroyed by the armies of Alexander the Great. Their defeat and ruin brought much fear to the kings and peoples of surrounding nations who couldn’t imagine the destruction of such a mighty and wealthy city.

The moral of this little history lesson is that no matter how intelligent, strong or competent one may be there is not guarantee of victory, without the Lord. Our strength and ability will ultimately fail us, but the Lord never will. He is the unshakable and absolutely faithful God, and He is on your side. He loves you. With our faith in His Word and our face to His Throne we have nothing to fear.


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