263. But They’re So Strong

Ezekiel 32:10-11 NKJV Yes, I will make many peoples astonished at you, and their kings shall be horribly afraid of you when I brandish My sword before them; and they shall tremble every moment, every man for his own life, in the day of your fall.’ (11) “For thus says the Lord GOD: ‘The sword of the king of Babylon shall come upon you.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have the ministry of Ezekiel? Repeatedly he is sent to different nations to prophecy to them that someone was coming to destroy them. In this case he is warning the Pharaoh in Egypt that the Babylonians would conquer them sending fear of the Babylonians throughout the surrounding kingdoms. Why? Because the surrounding kingdoms saw Egypt as a strong nation with powerful and intelligent leaders, who had everything going their way.

People do the same thing. When negative circumstances strike someone we perceive as a strong, intelligent, gifted, or from a family of notoriety. It can shake our faith and confidence. It can even get us questioning our own protection and safety. This happens in both the world and in the church, but is especially devastating in the lives of Believers when trials, tribulations, sicknesses, diseases, etc… attack a man or woman of faith that they hold to in extremely high regard.

Sometimes people think there is a certain level of spirituality one attains where they just won’t be attacked anymore, or that some people are simply not capable of ever “losing” a battle. Although, there is absolute victory in Christ over sickness, disease, lack, etc… and it is possible to overcome every trial, every Christian no matter the size or success of their ministry or the closeness of their walk with God is going to experience tribulation. Jesus said so (John 16:33). And although it is possible to win every battle every time, not everyone does, including prominent or popular folk. This can cause many in the body to become afraid and despair when they hear of the challenges of their heroes. But don’t you waver.

It is natural to wonder why someone we respect and admire fell prey to an attack, unfortunately it isn’t always easy or even possible to discern or find out what happened or what went “wrong”. What we do know is that whatever happened, it wasn’t God. His Word never fails. Whenever there is an instance where the promises of God aren’t being realized in the life of any Believer it certainly isn’t that God is holding out. There can be any myriad of issues, mental ascent, fear, improper personal care and maintenance, resentment, unforgiveness, etc… but it isn’t God. He is always on our side and He is our deliverer. Not only that, but it isn’t necessarily our business why someone failed to get healed, or endured some sort of travesty. Deuteronomy 29:29 tells us that some things we just won’t know and they belong between the Lord and the other person.

So what does this mean for us and what should my response be other than to feel hopeless and afraid??? It means that instead of looming over it, we should recognize that everyone is susceptible to attack and victory is available for everyone. Instead of becoming afraid, it should motivate us to make sure our faith is shored up and that our relationship with the Lord is close in genuine intimacy and not just in appearance or in service. When faith disasters occur to other believers no matter how famous or strong their walk, realize it doesn’t have to happen to you. You don’t have to fear. Pull closer to the Lord, shore up your faith and Fear Not!

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