265. I live Safe and Secure in the Kingdom of God

(Ezekiel 39:26 AMP) They shall forget their shame and self-reproach and all their treachery and unfaithfulness in which they have transgressed against Me, when they dwell securely in their land and there is none who makes them afraid.

There’s a song by Lindell Cooley called “Love Came Down”. The first verse opens with these words, “Everybody’s got a story. Everybody’s got a song. Everyone’s a little different, but we all went wrong…” And everybody does have a story, and we all went wrong. Praise God the next part of the song says, “Than a Savior came and He took the blame, He changed everything.” Glory! Jesus came, and everything changed.

Here in Ezekiel 39, the prophet is telling God’s people that yet again, God is going to rescue them from their oppression one final time through Messiah following the Ezekiel 38 war where He will destroy the armies of Gog & Magog and establish His earthly Kingdom bringing true peace to the Israel and the world. During this time, Israel and most of the world will be face with the realities of their refusal to see and accept the truth of Jesus as Messiah and Lord. But after the pit in their stomachs lift from the realizations of their actions and beliefs, they will settle into the reality of the peace of God’s incredible love and realize there really is NO ONE to make them afraid, because their King is present and seated on the Throne.

Glory to God! We don’t have to wait. The High Priestly King Jesus, is seated on the Throne (Heb 8:1, Eph 1:20) and ministers from there now. We can dwell securely in Him, fearless from any and all adversaries, because the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has already taken His place at the right hand of the Majesty on High. We no longer have to hold on to the shame of our sins that held us in the bondage of the fear of death (Heb 2:15), but can rest securely in Him and His great love. For the Believer the war is already over and the devil was defeated (Col 2:15), we don’t have to wait. We live safe and secure in the Kingdom of our God. We are in the Kingdom of God. Jesus is on the Throne. What is there to fear? Nothing.


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