282. Keep Livin’ In Him

Micah 7:16-17 NET Nations will see this and be disappointed by all their strength, they will put their hands over their mouths, and act as if they were deaf. (17) They will lick the dust like a snake, like serpents crawling on the ground. They will come trembling from their strongholds to the LORD our God; they will be terrified of you.

 The message here is that God will continue to protect and sustain His people. Specifically referring to His people Israel in this section, though the broader point certainly applies to those of us who have entered into covenant and become family by the Blood of the Jesus. Still, the point is that after the extensive and profuse efforts of the nations bent on the destruction of God’s people, after they’ve exhausted every single last human and demonic effort giving it their A#1 best shot, they will utterly fail. They will stand speechless and in total AWE that God’s people will still stand and they will SURELY see the genuine reality, power and love of the One True God.

You see it doesn’t matter how hard the enemy tries to destroy you, with God on your side you will not lose. Armed with His Word our job is to stand in FAITH in Him and allow His righteousness to go before us and His Glory to be our rear guard (Is 58:8). No matter what comes our way we can fearlessly keep ourselves in the secret place of His presence (Ps 91) and be safe. This means we must KNOW He is Faithful and will KEEP His Word.

Remember the first Passover in Exodus 12. There was great devastation and fear spreading through Egypt and the first born male of every family and animal that did not have the blood of the Passover lamb on their lintel and doorposts. There were great cries both from man and beast as their children began to drop dead. Panic and terror ensued, which would have also affected the Children of Israel had they not been covered by the blood and STAYED in that dwelling until this last plague passed.

The lesson to be learned here is to maintain and strengthen your position in Christ. No longer is it about staying in a physical building, but it is about walking in and maintaining ourselves within the Divine Shelter of the reality of our position in Him. This is not just declaring we are in Christ, but the strength to stay in Him in the midst of panic comes from a relationship and fellowship which allows you to know He is utterly dependable and totally faithful so you can rest in HIM no matter what goes on around you. When the dust settles… you’ll still be standing there in Him and the world will be speechless and filled with AWE. Then you just smile, tell them of His goodness and watch them flock to Him. Fear Not, Keep Livin’ In Him.


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