Out of the Abundance of the Heart

I know it’s wednesday and your regular installment will be posted on Friday, but here is an excellent post on getting free from fear from Pastor Virgil Stokes, FCFTucson.org


Wednesday August 24, 2016

Building People of Substance for Works of Power

Free from fear, Amigos!

A few years ago, I was prompted to run the Bible references for the phrase “Fear Not!” To my surprise, that term, or some slight variation of it, is used over 100 times in the good old King James Bible. It seems that God doesn’t want His people to live in fear. With that thought in mind, I prayed that God would show me all the places where I was allowing fear to control my life. Wow! I spent the next three years finding new areas where fear, worry, and doubt (often disguised as “wisdom”) controlled my thinking and my doing. Fear is a warning light on my spiritual dashboard: “Check the oil, brother.”

So, when I find myself with a case of fear, what do I do with it? First, I need to…

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