Fearless Friday #298

Matthew 10:26 NKJV Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.

light-shining-in-the-darknessThese words were spoken by Jesus to His disciples concerning the topic of persecution.  There were a number of religious and political leaders that were threatened by Jesus’ popularity.  They had many back room conversations about Jesus, lies were spread, and secret plans were made to harm Him.  But there really hadn’t been any direct threat toward any of His followers at this time.  Jesus was letting the disciples closest to Him, the ones that He is about to send out on their first solo outreach ministry adventure, know that if they did these things to Him that they would also be subject to the threats, but that they needn’t fear.

Nobody is getting away with anything. Everything done in the dark will ultimately be revealed. Justice is always meted out. Everyone has a day of reckoning. We don’t need to fear because the justice we deserved was met with God’s amazing Grace and abundant Mercy.

As a Believer our day of reckoning occurred at Calvary, but we will still stand before Christ and have a face to face conversation about the things we did and didn’t do as His representatives on the Earth. Thankfully our salvation is not measured by our works, but by His atoning sacrifice. Those that have not believed on Christ will also have a day of reckoning before the Throne of God where they will be judged according to their works. This will be a horrible day for all those in that line, because no deed done will be hidden and every atrocity will be met with justice. God’s justice always prevails.

How is this comforting? Jesus is telling His disciples that although no one is standing up to defend Him nor putting a stop to the evil being plotted against them that every deed will be judged. Nobody is getting away with anything. We don’t need to fear what others might say or do to us, those deeds will either be met by the Blood of Jesus if they believe on Him or judged at the Throne of God. Justice will be served, but our focus should be on sharing with others the Love of God that has forgiven and washed clean all the sin we have done in darkness allowing us to stand fearless and boldly before our God.


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