314. Don’t Fear Only Believe

be_not_afraid_only_believe-386255Mark 5:33 NKJV  But the woman, fearing and trembling, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell down before Him and told Him the whole truth.

I love the courage and determination in this woman.  She had experienced a constant bleeding for 12 years, which under the law required her to stay away from her family, friends, she wasn’t permitted to hold her children or her husband (if she had them).  She desperately wanted to be healed, had tried everything and spent all she had trying to find a cure.  Then she heard about Jesus and how many people were healed of all kinds of various diseases just by touching the hem of His garments (Matthew 14:36, Mark 6:56).  Faith rose in her and she was convinced that she would be healed if she could just touch that hem too. 

The problem was that she would have to break the law that commanded her to keep a specific distance away from people because of her condition.  Stepping out in faith, she courageously made her way through the crowd.  Touching the hem of Jesus’ garment in faith she drew from the power and anointing in Him and was healed.  Jesus knew that someone had just touched Him in faith because of the power that went out of Him, but He didn’t know who did it because of all the people pressing around Him and touching Him.  It was then that this woman began to fear.

This woman was healed on her own faith and now she becomes afraid at the thought of what Jesus and all the people around are going to think and respond to her.  She knew she was healed and now feared that Jesus or the people would tell her she somehow did it wrong or chastise her for using the wrong method.  Unfortunately, I’ve heard people “correct” and “chastise” people who stepped out in faith to believe God for finances, healings, deliverance and after they received what they sought the Lord about were told they did it wrong.  Praise God, she found the courage again to explain the situation and give God the glory for her healing.

We should try to be aware of others and follow protocols and procedures whenever possible, but ones that serve to keep people from the Lord or condemn them for having their prayers answered by their faith are wrong.  They don’t free people but only serve to put others in fear.  For example, I’ve seen some well-meaning Christians harshly overcorrect young believers for their “confession” (what they are saying) judging it as lacking faith.  Those young believers become afraid to say anything.  This is wrong.  Faith comes by hearing the Word.  Don’t let what others think or say derail your faith.  Don’t fear, only believe.

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