389. Hallelujah

11002003207Revelation 19:5-7 MSG  From the Throne came a shout, a command: Praise our God, all you his servants, All you who fear him, small and great!  (6)  Then I heard the sound of massed choirs, the sound of a mighty cataract, the sound of strong thunder: Hallelujah! The Master reigns, our God, the Sovereign-Strong!  (7)  Let us celebrate, let us rejoice, let us give him the glory! The Marriage of the Lamb has come; his Wife has made herself ready.

There is nothing to fear here in this great promise other than just allowing yourself to be moved with the awesome reality of who Jesus is and the unfathomably way in which He loves you matched with the incomparable might and power He possesses.  The vastness of His greatness is overwhelming, but though we are moved with Holy fear by Him, we are not to be afraid of Him.

These verses instead reminds us of His nature and desire to love and cherish His people.  From the vast choirs rejoicing before Him and heralding His praises, to the cosmic celebration at the great feast at the marriage supper of our Lord, we are reminded of the surety of His Word and the security we have in His promise.  Our job today is not to fear, but to walk with Him and allow Him to continually prepare us for the good works He has for us to do.  In the scope of His goodness, love, mercy, grace and eminent return we have nothing to fear.  There is a great and glorious future and the reality of His present nature brings us comfort.  So let’s keep our eyes on Him and His faithful word living each day in eager expectancy of His return and the knowledge of His awesome presence and love. 


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