358. Terror “ISM”

Romans 8:15 NKJV  For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”

According to dictionary.com “ISM” is a suffix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it was used to form action nouns from verbs.  It is often used to define philosophies and ideologies.  Darwinism, despotism, realism, witticism, and intellectualism are all examples of isms.  We have been freed from all the isms… especially the ideology of TERROR.

Bethel Music has a great song, No Longer Slaves.  The chorus of this song rings with two powerful sentences.  “I’m no longer a slave to fear.  I am a child of God.”  You are no longer a slave to fear.  You ARE a child of God.

Some might see that word adoption in Romans 8:15 and wonder if this applies to them because they are only an “adopted” child. (smh) When you understand Biblical Adoption, it will dispel that kind of thinking and set you free.  The Greek word adoption (huiothesia) means to place as a son.  In Roman culture it was common for sons to be raised by servants in their home.  They were heirs of the estate, but they had no decision making rights or authority in the house.  But when they came of age there was a great party where they were “adopted” and placed as a son with all legal rights and representations as ab heir of the estate or joint-heir as the case may be not just by name but by blood.  This was what Paul hearkened to in Galatians 4:1-7.

Our concept of adoption is from a 21st century mindset of accepting someone from another family into your own and becoming a “legal” family member.  But when you gave your life to the Lord, you were born-again.  You were re-created in His image.  More than just a legal heir but you became a blood relative through the atoning work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have been set free from fear and are no longer bound to live a life of terror.  We are now children of God.  We have been freed from terrorism of all kinds.  Terrorism from people and terrorism from the devil has no place in you and I, we have been made children of God and given the full rights and privileges thereof.  Look out devil!